ISOLET manufactures equipment for energy distribution.

ISOLET’s main product solutions include Insulators and Bushings, Instrument Transformers, and Combined Metering Units – for the OEM segment, utilities, electric equipment manufacturers, electrical distributors and end users.

ISOLET has a leading market share position in South and Central America, and continues to expand in the USA.

With a focus on providing high-quality products, and always concerned with customer’s safety, ISOLET invests heavily in the modernization of their production facilities through the acquisition of high technology equipment and processes, as well as improvements in training for employees and customers.

The sum of all these factors is the reason customers consider their relationship and partnership with ISOLET reliable and trustworthy and in turn allows the company to continue investing for future growth.

Quality policy:
ISOLET, a supplier of energy distribution products, is committed, through its quality policy, to:
– Increase customer satisfaction through strict adherence to internal processes;
– Maintain focus on regulatory and statutory industry requirements;
– Utilize engineering capabilities to continuously improve customer processes and products.


Isolet will provide reliable energy distribution products.


To be recognized worldwide for the quality and innovation of our products.


  • Customer admiration;
  • Product quality and technological evolution;
  • Ethical corporate governance practices globally;
  • Human Employee Growth.

Linha do tempoTimeline


ISOLET is founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil to begin production of low-voltage insulators.


Expanded focus to manufacture of Medium voltage Insulators and bushings.


ISOLET acquires the Cutler-Hammer of Brazil Ltd. Instrument Transformer plant.


ISOLET begins an association with AEG Kuw Holding GmbH, Germany.


The companies relocate to larger, modern facilities in Itu, SP, Brazil.
ISOLET is split two divisions – ISOLET AEG, Transformers Division, and ISOLET Insulators, Insulators Division.
ISOLET acquires equipment from KUVAG GmbH (Austria) enabling them to utilize APG (Automatic Pressure Gelation) technology for the manufacture of Epoxy insulators in their Brazil operation.
Acquisition of VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) process equipment from Germany.


The two ISOLET divisions operate as one again, through an incorporation process.


ISOLET receives its first, and the world´s most modern, APG Clamping Machine for the assembly of CTs-VTs.


ISOLET adds more new technology by acquiring a Vacuum Mixing and Dosing System from Germany.


Acquisition of the SEMTS/CEMTS manufacturing line from LANDIS&GYR and the creation of the new TDS Division.


ISOLET formally opens operations in the USA with the registration of ISOLET LLC.

Working on the high quality of our products

Quick Response

ISOLET has invested in specially developed software technology that allows them to support customer requests in a very short period of time, no matter how complex.


VPI – Vacuum Pressure Impregnation – is the most advanced and trustworthy process to guarantee optimum transformer coil impregnation with polymeric isolating material. ISOLET has one of the most advanced and productive facilities for instrument transformer manufacturing, utilizing equipment built in Germany.

Pioneer in APG System

ISOLET is pioneer in Latin America in APG process – Automatic Pressure Gelation – for manufacturing insulators. This process exerts enormous mechanical strength, far superior to conventional systems, resulting in better product endurance, while keeping assembly costs competitive.

Thermoset Molding – BMC/SMC

In addition to having one of the most equipped press facilities, dedicated to the manufacturing of Electrical Insulators and Customized Electrical parts in BMC and SMC (injection molding), ISOLET owns one of the largest presses in the electrical market – 1600 mm (5.25 ft.) opening distance and 300 tons of closing force – for specialized parts that demand more space and higher closing forces.

Quality Assurance

ISOLET is ISO 9001 (NBR ISO 9001) certified, and its Quality Management System is organized in accordance with recognized international quality standards. They are happy to share their certification and documentation with customers.

Isolet University

ISOLET has a dedicated R&D department, and boasts specific Electrical, Physical, and Chemical laboratories in the facility that allows them to complete development and testing of the most complex customer technical requirements.

Iso “Out” Let – The Isolet’s Outlet

The ISOLET Outlet Store stocks a large range of finished product, ready for delivery, with prices and warranty to match.


The Tooling department, consisting of a modern and complete set of machines, allows ISOLET to manufacture molds and tools for any custom application, and ensures high flexibility and competitiveness as their customers invest in new development projects.